Our Company

Manhattan Life Real Estate LLC (Manhattan Life) is an independent, distinctive, creative, ethical, tech-savvy, and international real estate services brokerage headquartered in New York City.

We understand that the rapid change of technological landscapes and fragmentation of data through digital media underscores the need for more transparent communication between the property broker and client. This dynamic shift, including the dispersion of listings by various sources via different channels has restructured what we see as our role as real estate brokers. Thus, our corporate mission at Manhattan Life is to adapt to this democratization of information, and add value to each transaction via our qualitative and quantitative knowledge of the market in each transaction, rather than simply repackaging what is already available. We assist our clients not only in analyzing the information, but also matching you to a property that best suits your needs, then negotiating the acquisition. Our depth of experience with sales, rentals, and commercial real estate, combined with commitment to personal service, will allow our firm to assist you with your real estate needs better than any other.

We advocate open communication, and continuous sharing of information to reach a meeting of the minds between prospective renters, buyers, sellers, and landlords in residential and commercial transactions.

Whether it is a multimillion dollar purchase or a short-term lease, we understand both the thought and action processes that go into a successful transaction; whatever your needs, our team of professionals will get it done, on time, and within budget.