Our Services

Manhattan Life Real Estate LLC (Manhattan Life) provides full-service brokerage services for a fraction of the cost:

  • Residential Sales: Representing buyers and sellers.
  • Residential Leasing: Representing renters, owners, and management companies.
  • Corporate Relocations: National and international.
  • Office Space: Leasing and Sales.
  • Real Estate Consulting Services: Evaluations, digital marketing, market positioning.
  • Design and Architectural Consulting Services. Original art to take your space to the next level.
  • Commercial and Residential Air Purification Systems to assist building owners lower greenhouse emissions.

Manhattan Life’s knowledge of New York City’s real estate market, and its immediate surroundings will ensure that we successfully match you with a property, principal, or customer that is best for you. We are local, experienced, and affordable. We provide a menu of brokerage services, rather than expecting, or assuming that one size and model fits the needs of every client or customer.

We possess 15 years of experience representing buyers and sellers in transactions of cooperatives and condominiums, office space, and standard rental properties. We will share with you our experience and knowledge without a hidden agenda, and assist you with your search. Open communication and sharing of information will help us weave through the competing data crowding the aggregate new spaces online.

Additionally, we understand that globalization requires truly multinational corporations to expand around the world in order to succeed. As an international relocations company, with a degree in culture, we serve as a centralized point of contact for individuals and corporations seeking to purchase or lease within the New York City area.

Manhattan Life will partner with you to identify a property or properties that suit your needs, and develop an appropriate acquisition strategy to fulfill your financial objectives and universal dreams. For an exchange to occur there needs to be a perception of equal value; we can help reach a meeting of the minds in the most cooperative and affordable way possible. With the advent of technological innovation and market democratization, also comes competitive low fees in the market-place. We offer that without the noise. We can work together to evaluate your property, and consult on the best digital marketing strategies. Real estate, real simple. Contact us for a free consultation today.